Friday, February 18, 2011

Papa Murphy's Pizza

I get that this isn't really a recipe but it's a great affordable way to eat pizza. It's not gluten free but they will make a dairy free version if you ask. We used to love Papa Murphy's but when we went gluten free we forgot all about it. On Sunday, I decided it was time to cash in all those free mini-pizza coupons my son gets from the library (Papa Murphy offers their own version of Book-it). The mini pizzas are so cute and unfortunately won't last the week since my son couldn't wait to eat them.
For Valentine's Day Papa Murphy's does a heart shaped pepperoni pizza. It's a really cute idea especially for kids. This year they have introduced a S'mores dessert pizza. For $9 you could get both as their "Sweetheart" deal. I don't know when this special ends but they have plenty of specials all year long. The S'mores pizza is only $4 right now. This was plenty filling for three people. Add a salad or something else and it could be stretched to four or five, depending on how big of an eater they are.
Our Papa Murphy's store is not all that big but when we arrived on Monday at 5ish to get our pizza there was a line to the door. It still only took 15 minutes to walk out with our freshly made pizza - it's cool you get to watch them make the pizza, similar to watching Subway make your sandwich. At home, it took about 15 minutes to cook both pizza's to perfection. We managed to have our pizza in time to finish before our company arrived at 6:30.
For take away it is the cheapest you will find and so much better than McDonalds. They have a family size "perfect" pizza that is half cheese and half pepperoni for about $9. Keep an eye out for specials and you can get it even cheaper.
The pizza is cooked at home but it's never frozen so you can easily add other ingredients to your pizza to make it more healthy.
Now I say it's never frozen but it freezes beautifully. We have bought extra pizzas from them when we lived in the country and stuck them in the freezer. They still cook nicely, just need a little extra time (either to defrost before cooking or to defrost while cooking). If you leave them out the dough will continue to rise which is not a bad thing.
Take the chance and try Papa Murphy's - it's cheap, it's quick and it tastes so good.

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