Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gluten free "graham cracker" crust

My husband decided he wanted cheesecake. I wasn't sure how to go about this. I cheated, a lot. This recipe is not dairy free but I came up with a nice crust that really worked. This is also not a cheap recipe since I purchased the filling. I bought raspberry filling and Ready Made Cheesecake filling.
The crust recipe I borrowed from a Walnut Chocolate Torte recipe with some alteration.
Take 3 cups walnuts and crush fine (as fine as possible). I tried this in the blender and it didn't work well because the walnuts turn gummy and prevent the blender from really working. I put the walnuts in a ziplock bag (the one they came in but you can easily use a gallon freezer bag) and crushed them with a rolling pin. It only took a few minutes and was less work than fighting with the blender.
To the crushed walnuts, add 6 Tablespoons of melted butter and 2 Tablespoons "syrup". I used agave syrup but you can use corn syrup or a simple syrup. Mix well and press into a pie pan. Freeze for 15 minutes and use as you would any graham cracker crust.
My husband and I were discussing the possibilities and they are endless. We are going to try using pecans and making a pecan pie.

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