Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Party Planning Part 1 - Meatloaf Spider

Since our theme this year is Mad Entomologist, we wanted all the food to be bugs or mad scientist oriented. My son announced that we needed to have meatloaf. He wanted a meatloaf mummy but I suggested making a meatloaf spider. We haven't worked out all the details yet but were able to get a decent price on hamburger last week.
Because Halloween is further away then the hamburger will stay fresh, we froze it. I want to make a note here - frozen hamburger will not mesh together after it is thawed. I don't know why but something about freezing the meat reduces it's ability to form a patty without help. Adding eggs and breadcrumbs (crackers or oatmeal work too) is the only way to get it to form a patty. This is fine for our meatloaf but won't work if we want hamburgers (just for those who plan on stocking up).
Now my husband makes meatloaf so I don't have a recipe. Any meatloaf recipe will do. To make it into a spider form a round ball of meatloaf and bake. You can create eyes using a little sour cream and a black olive that has been split in half the long way. Legs can be made from long thick pretzals or breadsticks (which we are going to try). The legs won't be the same color but we figure it all eats the same.

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