Thursday, November 10, 2011

Apple Pie Filling

This past weekend, I made a recipe called Apple Lasagna. It's like an apple pie with noodles (will post recipe tomorrow). The recipe called for apple pie filling. There was no way I was going to buy filling when I had a ton of apples. So I went to my trusty Ball Canning book and found a recipe. If you want to follow that recipe, you can find it here. I didn't quite like the recipe so I made up my own version.
Since the lasgana is cooked, I didn't cook the apples. I used about 4 cups of filling to equal a 20oz can and made 2 lasagnas. I still ended up canning 2 and 1/2 quarts.

Apple Pie Filling
12 cups of cubed apples (I wash and cube, removing stems, seeds and bad parts but leave them peeled - drop in cold water with lemon juice while cutting all the apples to keep them looking good)
2 3/4 cups sugar
3/4 cup cornstarch
1 1/2 tsp gd cinnamon
1/2 tsp gd nutmeg
2 cups apple juice (I used pear juice because I had just juiced pears)
1 1/4 cups cold water
1/2 cup lemon juice

Mix sugar and cornstarch in large pot. Add spices. Add apple juice and water, mixing thoroughly. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, stirring frequently. As it boils, stir constantly until the syrup is thickened. Add lemon juice. Bring back to boil and cook 1 minute. Remove from heat and add drained apples. Stir well to coat apples.
Use in pie or other recipe.
To can - ladle into quart jars. Clean rims and cover with lid and rings. Place in lukewarm water in water canner. Bring to boil. Boil for 25 minutes, adjusting for altitude.

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