Friday, January 13, 2012

Fast Food Friday

I have been toying with this idea for months. I wasn't sure what sort of conflict a weekly post on fast food would be for a blog that promised good food. However, there are just some deals out there that I really felt were important to share. Some of long term deals and some come and go in a month.
Every family eats out, at least once in awhile. There's something about having a quick inexpensive meal for your family. It's often feels like a luxury. Not all fast food is bad and not all of it is cheap. Planning ahead really helps.
We have managed to find deals to feed our family of three (does a 14 year old boy really count as one - he eats enough for several people and doesn't gain weight), often for around $10 without feeling hungry.
The trick is to stick to the deals and set a budget.
So today's post is sharing some pizza deals.
Our favorite pizza is Little Caesar's. This came about when we discovered their $6 pizzas. Every evening you can pick up a ready made cheese or pepperoni pizza for $6. This month, they dropped the price to $5. There's nothing to indicate how long the pizzas will be $5 but going up $1 is not a big deal. The other thing we found is that you can order 2 bags of breadsticks for $2.50. Don't get the sauce! They charge $0.75 for a little container of sauce. If you really need some, get a jar of spaghetti sauce at the store. Walmart has cheap sauce for $.75 but you get a jar not a little takeout container. Personally, I found the breadsticks are so good, they don't need sauce.
We found that 1 pizza and 2 breadsticks was enough to make a meal, especially when we added a salad or other vegetable at home. (total cost $7.50 plus tax).
If you want something more substantial - they have specials through the week but I can't tell you from experience what they are.

Lately, I've been eyeing the Dominoes commercials. They are offering 2-topping medium pizzas and cheesy bread for $5.99 each but you have to buy 2. The cheesy bread looks amazing and comes in 3 flavors - cheese, spinach and feta, and bacon and jalapeno. Might be worth trying if I remember to stop by there instead of Little Caesar's.

Pizza Hut often has carry-out specials. Currently, they are running their popular $10 any size, any toppings. This is a great deal for those who just aren't satisified with pepperoni only.

Last pizza I want to touch on, just because I think they get overlooked, is Papa Murphys. We love Papa Murphy's pizza but it's not convientely located to our home and always has a line. They always have great specials and lots of coupons for low cost pizza. They freeze wonderfully and for those on a really tight budget, they accept food stamps. We always try to get their Valentine's Day special because who doesn't want a heart shaped pizza for the day.


Lisa said...

What area do you live in? Little Caesar's has been $5 around my area for as long as I can remember. Thought it was the same all over.
For some reason I get insulted when the food snobs complain about Little Caesar's quality. I like it. It feeds a family of seven (four of those boys under 18) and it's so much better than Domino's or Pizza Hut.

Sara Thompson said...

I live in rural Eastern Washington. Little Caesar's is fairly new to our area (less than 10 years) but even at $6 it's a deal. We love the pizza. I mention trying Dominos and they hem and haw because they really want Little Caesars. I love the crazy bread and how inexpensive it is.

Michele said...

I have yet to find a good place for pizza here - the close pizza shops are far too expensive. Little Caesar's has a fundraiser that our school did and it was great. Bread sticks, rectangular pizza and either cookies or chicken nuggets - $18.50. It is a great deal and the school gets a nice bonus.