Friday, January 27, 2012

What to post?

Some times finding a recipe to post here is like trying to decide what's for dinner. I come up with an idea and I've already posted it (or if cooking, lack the ingredients). Some weeks we are so busy that cooking becomes more than a chore - it's dreaded. We don't always have the opportunity to go out even though that happens now and again.
We often turn to spaghetti. Boil noodles, open a can of sauce, and hope we have parmesan in the refrigerator.
Sometimes that's just not going to happen. So what sort of recipes do you turn to? What sort of recipes do you want to see here?
I promise that next week I'll be better, not perfect I'm writing a cookbook which is harder than you would think.

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Sara Thompson said...

My mom mentioned cream of chicken soup on toast. It reminded me of a time when I used to stock up on cream soups for quick meals. Cream soups often contain gluten so when we went gluten free they became forbidden in the house. Now that we can eat gluten, I forget to add it to the list. Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom used to be staples. Not only to the make a great meal served over toast but they make a great gravy - hamburger with cream of mushroom soup is nice over a starch (potato, rice, pasta) and cream of chicken can accent a chicken dish.