Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hillbilly Housewife

Last week someone mentioned looking into the Hillbilly Housewife to find ways to extend your food budget. I can't say the site has completely impressed me. I find it has far too many ads but then we all have to find ways to cut costs.
I subscribed to the newsletter which has far too many - buy me moments. I understand that the author has a number of books that you can buy to learn to stretch your budget. I don't mind that but when everything becomes an ad then I'm totally turned off.
I did take some time today to explore the site. I think there is some rather good information. I liked her recipe ideas and just barely started exploring them all. The cooking is more southern which is a nice change. I feel she uses too many canned foods but we all do what we can to make our budget stretch.
It's not the first budget site I have explored but the first I have felt was worth a mention here.
When it comes to budgeting or stretching dollars there's no real new information but there's a lot who profit from offering to sell you how they got rich (btw - you buying their product is what made them rich).
This week has not been a great week for posting here at Rock and a Hard Plate and I am sorry. I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm stuck between the two places and trying to figure out which way to go. There's a lot of talk about Monsanto and all the GMOs in our diet. Monsanto helps reduce the cost of our food but at what cost to our health. It reminds me that I need to be more cautious when I look at our diet. We've been eating more processed foods this month - it has saved us a ton of money (we still have money left in our food budget which never happens) but I don't feel good. I'm tired and foggy which leads me to not having great posts. I'm coming up with a new plan and better ideas. There has to be a good way to bring all the parts of our life together - food, health, money, etc. We'll find it - we're not giving up.

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Shauntelle said...

food, health, and money - boy is that the balance that's on my mind these days! There's so many different ideas out about what IS healthy to eat, and then trying to keep it budget friendly too... very frustrating!