Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breve Creme

Breve Creme is a new line of coffee creamers from International Delight. I discovered Breve Creme through Vocalpoint and was given a coupon to try the product for free. We picked out the Vanilla Caramel Cream since my husband loves caramel in his coffee.
After Sunday dinner, I brewed a pot of coffee and offered up the cream. We drank the entire pot (strange for a family that doesn't drink coffee on a normal basis). I added enough cream to make the coffee a dark beige (I wanted to start with a small amount and work my way up to my usual creamy white). It was wonderful. I didn't need to add anymore than that. There was a perfect amount of sweetness and flavor. I felt spoiled. I don't often buy coffee creamer because they all taste artificial but not this one. It was smooth. I added a review of the coffee creamer to Vocalpoint's website and many of the reviews remarked that there was no artificial aftertaste (I hadn't noticed any aftertaste, and therefore didn't mention it, which was a really good aspect of the creamer). It's not any more expensive than the other International Delight creamers. Right now there is a 55 cent coupon on their website.

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