Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick and Easy Facial Scrub

I'm starting work on a Home Spa Party book that I will be selling as an e-book. It's an opportunity to share some of the party ideas that I have used in the past when I hosted home spa parties for profit. All items in the book will be homemade, easy and as inexpensive as possible.
I like this facial scrub and will be giving up my store bought scrub for just this recipe. We are hoping to go chemical free as much as possible and this will be one quick and easy step.

Facial Scrub
Almonds, raw
powdered milk

Add all the ingredients in equal parts in a blender and puree into a powder. Add water to about 1 tablespoon and use to wash face.

Sometimes I substitute other raw nuts in place of almonds and sometimes I skip them all together. The almond oil adds another nice level of care to the scrub but is not necessary.

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Michele said...

This sounds great! I am going to try it this weekend. I am very sensitive to fragrance so I don't have many store bought products. Yay for a new recipe.