Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July Salad

My husband used to work for a deli so I kept trying to come up with fun salad ideas. I like the challenge and we would bounce ideas off of each other. For the 4th of July, a fun salad can add color to your BBQ. The idea is to mix red, white and blue food in whipped cream.

Red Foods:
dried cranberries

White foods:
peeled apple or green apples with peel
mini marshmallows

Blue foods:
(we were stuck there but you can use a dried blueberry or maybe even blackberries)

I like salads that aren't all that exact because I can play with them. Feel free to suggest more items that can go in this salad. We don't use Jello, even though you could because we try to avoid artifical flavors and colors.
A jello "cake" of blue and red would be fun sandwiched/frosted with whipped cream. That would be a stunning slice of red, white and blue.

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