Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinterest and Whole Wheat Bread

I am absolutely in love with Pinterest and I am sure I am using it wrong. I keep hearing how Pinterest is the newest and greatest social network. My friends talk about losing so much time to Pinterest. For me, Pinterest has organized information in a way nothing else has. I read a lot online and I discover great crafts and recipes. At first I printed them out but that left me with too much paper. After putting all my recipes in a word file (currently many words files - all nicely organized), I started copy and pasting the recipes onto new word files. This worked okay, especially after I learned how to add those files on to my Nook but it still wasn't perfect. I couldn't always remember where I found a recipe and I felt odd coping someone's blog post into a word file. Some of those recipes became things I was no longer interested in and I couldn't save the pictures for most of them without completely crashing the system. I've tried adding sites to my favorites but for some reason I never think of my favorites and I hate the organizational formats for them. Then add to the that - I could only use those favorites on the computer which I saved them. (And never the computer I was on.) Enter Pinterest. If the site has a picture it can be saved into Pinterest (does make me rethink how blogs use pictures). You need an invitation to Pinterest, which is a little weird, but I had discovered it when someone sent me an invitation. Since then, many of my friends have asked for invites and gotten them within minutes so it's not super inconvenient. When you set up your pinterest, you create boards. The idea is that Pinterest is like a bulletin board - each board has their own theme as you determine. I didn't start out with a ton of boards and I'm thinking there needs to be a few new ones as I discover certain themes that don't quite match what I am pinning in them. I have boards for foraging, recipes, crafts. I even started a board this week for my dreaming. As I mentioned before - I'm starting a new phase in my life where I am really going to start reaching for my ultimate dream (my weird life on a farm). I started the board to help me share some of my vision with the wonderful woman who is helping me work on this project. It's been far too fun looking up things to pin. The best part of Pinterest is I can access it on any computer. I can save a recipe at work then go over to my dad's and pull it up. I can share with friends. I love that I have the original notes - not just ones I took. That way if something is missing from the recipe I can go over the discussion to make sure I didn't overlook something. Lately, many of my experiments have been coming from places I have pinned. That's the same with this whole wheat bread. I'm not going to re-copy the recipe this time - I didn't make any real changes. The only thing I did was use 10-grain flour that I think was stale. The flour left a weird taste but the bread was amazing. I can't wait to get through the remaining loaves (it made 3 loaves and a batch of rolls) so I can try again with just the whole wheat flour.

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