Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming Soon!

Doing the Irish recipes for 17 posts brought a lot of things to my attention. The first was that I realized that I can post here on a more regular basis without much trouble. The weekends are a little chaotic for me but through the week shouldn't be a problem. Also, having a theme made me put other recipes on the back burner leading me to come up with some other ideas of what I would like to share.
This past weekend I volunteered with the Red Cross at a Community Preparedness Fair and got to thinking about household preparedness and sharing some of that information with others. I don't want to dedicate an entire blog to preparedness - not because I don't think it's a viable topic but because there are other great blogs about the topic and I really don't need to add another blog to my schedule.
So I decided to kind of make themed days - Monday, Wednesday, Friday I will post a recipe that I have experimented with. (I want to make it clear that most recipes I play with have come from somewhere else but since I put all my found recipes in a computer file I rarely remember where they came from. I try to credit as I can but most of the time it just won't happen and I apologize for any confusion.)
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will share something food or household related. That might be a product I found that I can't live without, a tip or technique or anything else I can think of. I will, also, share some food information. If there is a particular fruit or vegetable that you have not tried and would like information about - let me know and I will blog. I think it's important to remember that food is part of a household and part of a life. Eating well on a budget means more than beans and pasta. It's my goal to weed out all the extra expense and still eat well.

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