Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quick Stir Pitcher

I first saw a self stirring pitcher on a blog about home storage and emergency preparedness. The blog talked about how this pitcher was an absolute necessity for any home. I thought about it but I rarely buy something online, for no real reason except that I hate paying extra for shipping. A month later, I was at an event that had seller's tables set up in the lobby. One table had Pampered Chef items and this pitcher was something new that they were promoting. The Pampered Chef pitcher did come out to be a few dollars more for the actual cost of the pitcher but I was able to walk away with it that day and that's what I really like (I like holding my products in my hand).
At first, it was fine. We used it all summer to make kool-aid but I just didn't get it. I didn't have anything negative to say about it but I didn't love it. When my husband lost his job in December, I felt it was a good time to start using up all those cans of powdered milk or at least make a big dent in them. Over the last 4 months we've found that we tolerate the powered milk just fine. We don't drink it just because but it works fine in cereal and for cooking. What I hate is that this particular brand of powdered milk seems water resistant. The powder hits the water and forms tight little balls that never seem to really dissolve. It's a real pain. Then I re-discovered that quick stir pitcher in the back of the cabinet and thought 'couldn't hurt'.
I, now, understand why that pitcher is a must have. With a little effort (not as much as without) the powder is quickly blended into the water. There are no more lumps (an occassional bit stuck to the side of the pitcher but nothing to worry about). It cleans quickly and fits easily into our refridgerator. I absolutely love it. The pitcher looks like a normal pitcher but has a plunger in the lid but instead of a rubber end, it has a pinwheel like plastic piece. It's not hard work to get the milk mixed. It does create a lot of foam and bubbles so you have to watch over pumping and foaming out the spout but other than that I have no complaints.
I look forward to buying real milk again. Our local co-op now has raw organic milk and I envision my little pitcher turning that milk into a vat of butter with as little effort as it makes my powdered milk. I definetely say this is a must have. Pampered Chef sells it in two sizes but I think the smaller size works just fine. I know that it's out there from other companies so any one should do.

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