Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiwi Fruit

Lately we've been eating a lot of kiwi fruit and I have noticed it's been on sale at the stores (we've been getting the kiwi with our Bountiful Baskets). I like Kiwi but it's not everyone's fruit and it's a little intimidating to look at. They are little oval shaped fruits covered in a brown fuzz (a cross between peaches and coconuts).
The skins are not edible, making the fruit even less appealing to those not into peeling their food. I have a friend who cuts off one end and eats the flesh out with a spoon, similar to eating a soft boiled egg. I haven't been able to talk myself into trying it that way. I like eating the fruit while reading a book after lunch so the spoon method just seems to be too attention consuming.
At one end of the Kiwi is a hard knob that must be removed with the peel. I cut each end off and then peel with the knife or a peeler.
Kiwi's are rich in nutrients. For their little size, they hold a lot of potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Their seeds are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids but you need to break into them (so no slurping the seeds, must chew). I like the seeds, they have a fun crunch.
The taste of the kiwi is a little sweet and a little tart. The more ripe, the sweeter but they are never really all that sweet. They are quite juicy so you get all that good water with them.
To pick a good kiwi - it should not be soft but should give slightly when pressed. The "fur" should be a uniform brown and should not be dark. The skin should also look firm with no wrinkles. Wrinkles indicate that the kiwi is starting to over-ripen. This is okay for home eating but I wouldn't purchase a kiwi in this condition.
In preparing for this post, I discovered that Kiwi Fruit comes from China. I didn't know that but I am sure they are now grown in the US. There is some research that shows that Kiwi's might be used for medicinal purposes but there is no evidence supporting it 100% yet. I think it's still a good food to add to your diet. It tastes like the best parts of summer but it's still gloomy outside.

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