Thursday, July 28, 2011

Squirrel on a Stick

Squirrel on a stick is a family favorite for barbequing. It takes a little preparation and goes fast but it's a fun addition to outdoor cooking. I will put your mind at ease and tell you it's not really squirrel, it's chicken. My mother started making these chicken skewers when we were teens and my brothers named them squirrel on a stick (which stuck and has freaked out non-family members for 20 years).

It does take preparation but when that's done they cook rather quickly and are eaten twice as fast.
It's better to soak your bamboo skewers while marinating the chicken and use them wet. Because they are wood they will burn on the grill, soaking reduces this problem. You can use metal skewers but they will be hotter coming off the grill than the wood.

I have included a link to my homemade teriyaki sauce. My mom would buy the powdered mix (in the aisle with the taco seasoning, powdered spaghetti sauce, gravies) and add pineapple juice and whatever the packet called for. Any teriyaki sauce would work here.

Squirrel on a Stick
boneless skinless chicken breasts
teriyaki marinade
bamboo skewers

Cut the chicken into stripes the long way (I use kitchen scissors). Marinate in the teriyaki sauce for several hours (or as long as you can plan ahead). Soak the bamboo skewers for at least an hour. Thread the pieces of chicken onto the skewers the long way so that you have one long piece of chicken on the stick. Cook on hot coals until done. You can also cook these in the oven at 400 if you set them on a grill with a baking pan to catch sauce/fat drips. You want them to come out a little dry to the touch. Eat and enjoy.

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Korolyn said...

They never lasted long enough on the grill to cook until dry. As soon as they were no longer raw they kinda disappeared. That and the jerky.