Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cinnamon Coffee

Last night I was finishing up Joanne Fluke's Devil's Food Cake Murder when I came across her recipe for cinnamon coffee. Her recipe used a perculating coffee pot and sounded so tasty. We have a french press so I had to modify. The result was a tasty evening drink. I will share her actual recipe when I have a chance to try it at my dad's house. The recipe calls for plain 'ole coffee but I found the last of my Tecchino French Vanilla so I thought I'd try that.

Cinnamon Coffee
2 TB Tecchino French Vanilla
2 TB brown sugar
1-2 teas cinnamon
French Press

Boil water to fill French press. Add ingredients to press and fill with hot water. Stir and let sit. Press out coffee grounds.

Serve with a touch of milk and a dollop of Cool whip and enjoy. Our French press made enough for 3 1/2 large cups of coffee (so probably 5 regular servings).
The whole family drank it up with lots of yums and exclamations (my son actually finished off the pot).

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