Monday, April 18, 2011

Radish Dip

In one of the e-newsletters I get was a recipe for Radish Dip. I knew that radishes were one of the vegetables often in our bountiful basket so I saved the recipe and tucked it away in my brain. This weekend I discovered a bunch of radishes in my rotter (name my mother gave the crisper when I was young). The radishes, themselves, were still good but the greens attached had grown very slimy. I scrubbed the green slime off the radishes and set them aside to realize that the only ingredient I had for the dip was the radishes (well and some salt).
I have misplaced my flash drive so I can't give you the original recipe's exacts but it was radishes, green onions, sour cream and salt.
I used spanish onion in place of the green onion and I have to say it made the dish very oniony (and more so as the weekend wore on). We ate it on toasted baguette slices which accompanied the dip really well. I may try doing something with the remaining dip since we are now out of toast (like add it to chicken).

Radish Dip
1 bunch radishes, cleaned and diced
1 inch of small spanish onion, minced as finely as possible
1 cup plain yogurt
1/2 teas salt (I used kosher and it was a little salty so start with less and add as needed)
Mix all the ingredients together and serve on toast or crackers.

If I served this with crackers I would have left out the salt due to the saltiness of the crackers. It's a nice fun way to use up radishes.
My husband and father really liked the dip. My son said it wasn't very good and way too hot. Spanish onions are hotter onions than I normally use - I prefer Walla Walla Sweets (they are native to Washington) but Texas Sweets are rather good as well. If you have picky eaters or those who are sensitive to hot onions - switch to the sweet onions or use chives to give it a hint of onion flavor. Don't use more than about 2 tablespoons of minced onion.

Note* After my revelation on Friday about needing food to be a creative experience, I spent the weekend making some amazing dishes. I feel like a new woman. Food not only nurtures the body but it feeds the soul and I think mine has been starving. Stay tuned for several new recipes coming this way - Stuffed chicken breast, lemon cheese, ricotta cheese cookies (made with lemon cheese instead of ricotta), vegetable cakes and indian chicken bites (there may be more that I am forgetting).

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