Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SCJ Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning

I participate in a few product sampling/promotion programs and one of those happens to be Bzzagents. I sign up to test products or websites and then share that information with my friends and family. I realized that I can share some of that with my readers here. I promise not to unindate you with product promotion (only once a week for any product or service I opt to share) and to only share those I feel really belong here.
SC Johnson is a large company that owns a variety of brands. This particular promotion covers Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles and Glade. The kit that I got in the mail had Lemon Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles Shower spray, Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel, Glade Spring candle and a Glade Oil plug-in refill. I haven't tried the Pledge or the oil re-fill (I don't have an oil plug-in and forgot to get one my last trip to the store). I didn't try Pledge because I still have the notion it's for dusting and I haven't really dusted in awhile. The company swears that it can be used on any surface but it just hasn't happened yet.
I do enjoy the Glade candles (I am a big candle person and often get them as gifts). The spring scents are really nice but I like all their scents. So about this time you are asking yourself - what is the point of this post.
I want to share the Scrubbing Bubbles products with you. I tested the toilet gel a couple of years ago and was hooked. I live in an area with really funky water and my toilet seems to develop this nasty orange slime in the water unless I scrub it all the time. The slime has something to do with the water because we get the same problem in the shower any where the water sits. When we tested the toilet gel the first time, I was so impressed. Not only did it keep the slime away, it made my toilet smell good.
The toilet gel comes in this magic wand that attaches a lump of gel to the inside of the toilet. It does take some trial and error to get the wand to work just right but it's not all that difficult. The gel stays in the toilet for about a week making the wand good for 6-7 weeks. It is a little pricey for a toilet cleaner at about $4 depending on the store but it's so worth it.
The other product they provided was a shower cleaning spray. I loved it too. I have a real hard time getting everyone to understand (in my family) that the shower needs cleaning too. It just gets gross. It may not be visibly gross but if the floor feels slimey then the shower is well overdue for cleaning. I don't know how the orange slime doesn't gross my boys out but it never seems to. The shower spray was easy to use, it foamed slightly and can be rinsed or wiped off. I opted to wipe it down with a wet rag as I slid into the shower to wash myself right after. I was really impressed by how easy the product was to use and how nice my shower looked when I was done.
I like scrubbing bubbles products and often forget about them when I go to the store because I don't like one purpose cleaners. The bathroom is one of the few exceptions I make. I want something that kills all the germs in the bathroom and helps battle the water issue.

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