Friday, April 22, 2011


Starfruit can have 3 points up to 6 points, making the fruit look like a star. In the US 5 points is most common amongst the starfruit. They start out green and ripen from yellow to orange. They have a thick-ish edible skin.
Starfruit are fun and really mild in flavor. To me, they taste like fruit-hinted water. They have a flesh similar to melon, crisp and wet but have a core that reminds me of an apple or pear. The core is softer and edible that other fruits but take care to remove the seeds. Around the seeds can be a slightly tough "shell" like in apples but it too is edible.
Children might like the fruit's shape and find it's mild flavor appealing. It really has little flavor so it's all about visual appeal for this fruit.
Pick a darker yellow or orange but avoid spotty fruit or dark brown blemishes. I did notice that they can mold but the mold seems to stay on the peel so it can easily be cut around.

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